Raspberry Millefeuille

Millefeuille is another pastry that you can find in any boulangerie in France. Commonly flavored with vanilla pastry cream, I made this raspberry millefeuille for Valentine’s Day (I know I’m late) with raspberry pastry cream.

I decided to use the raspberry pastry cream to have a refreshing flavor of raspberry to it and to add a romantic vibe.

Traditionally, a millefeuille is made up of three layers of puff pastry, two layers of pastry cream and the top layer is glazed with icing or fondant in alternating white icing and brown stripes then combed.

The French name (Thousand-leaf) of this pastry refers to the large number of layers of puff pastry. With the traditional method of preparing puff pastry, made with six folds of three layers your millefeuilles will have 729 layers we are still far from the thousand.


Raspberry Millefeuille
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Raspberry Millefeuille
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Servings Prep Time Cook Time Passive Time
1Millefeuille 30minutes 20minutes 2hours
Servings Prep Time
1Millefeuille 30minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
20minutes 2hours
Servings: Millefeuille
Servings: Millefeuille
  1. Start by making the raspberry pastry cream.Raspberry Millefeuille (1 of 29)
  2. Mix the raspberries into a sauce pan with the sugar.Raspberry Millefeuille (2 of 29)
  3. Bring to boil for 4-5 minutes. The raspberry seeds contain pectin which is a natural gelling agent.Raspberry Millefeuille (3 of 29)
  4. Tip the cooked berries into a sieve over a bowl, then once all of the juice has drained off, firmly work the pulp through the sieve with a wooden spoon until you are left with just the seeds.Raspberry Millefeuille (4 of 29)
  5. Mix the egg yolks, flour and sugar into a large bowl.Raspberry Millefeuille (5 of 29)
  6. Mix until it has a smooth consistency.Raspberry Millefeuille (6 of 29)
  7. Put the mixture and the raspberry coulis into a saucepan and swirl together.Raspberry Millefeuille (7 of 29)
  8. Cook over moderately low heat, whisking frequently. Whisk until the cream is thick enough to hold the marks of whisk and the first bubble appears on the surface.Raspberry Millefeuille (8 of 29)
  9. Let it cool for 10min.Raspberry Millefeuille (9 of 29)
  10. Stir in the margarine.Raspberry Millefeuille (10 of 29)
  11. Let it cool for another 10 minRaspberry Millefeuille (11 of 29)
  12. Put the clinging film on the pastry cream and refrigerate it.Raspberry Millefeuille (12 of 29)
  13. Now, lets start with the puff pastry.Raspberry Millefeuille (13 of 29)
  14. Pre-heat your oven to 200C.
  15. On a lightly floured surface, gently roll out the puff pastry dough into an elongated rectangle about 3mm thick.Raspberry Millefeuille (14 of 29)
  16. Transfer the dough to a baking pan (or pans) lined with parchment paper and pierce the dough all over with a fork.Raspberry Millefeuille (15 of 29)
  17. Cover the dough with a grill to weigh down the dough as it bakes.Raspberry Millefeuille (16 of 29)
  18. Bake for 20 minutes, or until the dough is deep golden brown and very crisp.
  19. Transfer the baked pastry layer and let it cool completely. Raspberry Millefeuille (17 of 29)
  20. With a sharp knife, cut the dough into 3 equal-sized pieces.Raspberry Millefeuille (19 of 29)
  21. Add the mixture into a piping bag fitted with a round tip.Raspberry Millefeuille (21 of 29)
  22. Start by distributing the pastry cream over one layer of baked puff pastry.Raspberry Millefeuille (23 of 29)
  23. Put some raspberries and press them lightly down by half in the cream. Add some pastry cream in-between the row of raspberriesRaspberry Millefeuille (24 of 29)
  24. Top with another layer of dough, pressing gently to adhere it to the pastry cream below. Spread the remaining pastry cream and raspberries over the second layer of pastry.Raspberry Millefeuille (25 of 29)
  25. Top with the third layer of pastry and again press down gently.
  26. Use a spatula or a knife to smooth the sides of cream.
  27. Make the royal icing by mixing the egg whites, icing sugar, lemon juice and food coloring until it’s very smooth and glossy.
  28. Immediately pour the royal icing over the top layer of pastry and spread it evenly over the entire surface.
  29. Finish garnishing with some raspberries.Raspberry Millefeuille (29 of 29)
  30. Your raspberry millefeuille is now ready! You can enjoy it with your valentine if you are lucky or have it all to yourself! Raspberry Millefeuille (27 of 29)






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