Cuisine: Swiss

  • Carrot Cake

    Carrot Cake

    Carrot cake recipes were found in the 19th-century cookbook in Switzerland. According to the Culinary Heritage of Switzerland, it is one of the most popular cakes in Switzerland, especially for children’s birthdays. Carrot cake became prevalent in the UK during the Second World War because sugar was rationed in the army. The sweetness from the carrots…

  • Mountain top Swiss Meringue

    Mountain top Swiss Meringue

    Why Swiss meringue ? Sometimes when you bake, you only use the yolk and you have many egg whites that would be wasted. The solution is to make meringues, it is very easy to make, requires the minimum amount of ingredients and always tastes nice. There are three types of meringues: French meringue: egg whites…

  • Sweet & Sour Lemon Meringue Pie

    Sweet & Sour Lemon Meringue Pie